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Joey Sabb is a third-generation rug purveyor with more than 55 years of experience and knowledge of the industry. Joey knows rugs and is consistently truthful and trustworthy.

We are the largest producers of "Happy Colored Oushaks" in the world with more than 400 looms weaving full time.

We also carry a vast inventory of Turkish Vintage rugs.

Quality and customer service is our #1 goal.


Oushak is a City in Western Turkey. Dating back to the Ottoman Empire in the 14th Century, Oushak has been producing decorative rugs popular around the world.

This is the beginning of the process, the wool is in a vat for cleansing and dyeing. After this tedious process, the wool will be handspun and then finally, hand woven.


When the rug is done, it will go lay in the sun, rug education 101! We are always making new colors.


If you have a favorite color you’d like to see, feel free to contact me! I custom make rugs every day. Turkish, or India, have it YOUR way!



We have the best weavers in the business. We can make ANY rug in ANY color. You can choose from our vast color selection, pick a design you love and we'll do the rest!


Custom weaving times may vary. Usually 3-5months, depending on size.


No upcharge for custom orders.

See a piece you love anywhere, snap a pic, and send it over!



We Have Opened a Permanent Location in DALLAS

2320 Valdina St


We offer private showings. Walk-ins welcome and  we also offer Facetime showings.


DM, Email or Call as hours vary!

Schedule your call today!

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